Vacuum Bag Molding

  • Better thickness control, reduced part porosity & higher fiber content.
  • Alternate to wet lay up and for making similar parts to infusion /prepreg molding.

Wet Lay Up

  • Molds for LRTM, infusion, Vacuum bag molding using VE, Epoxy or UPE resins.
  • Parts with excellent one side finish & very fast turn around, mainly for prototypes where weight is not a major issue.

Resin Infusion

  • Reduced porosity & higher fiber content (60%).
  • Use of Divincell Foam, Honeycombs, carbon UD tapes for higher stiffness & lower weight.

Out of Autoclave Prepreg Molding

  • Excellent control over fiber to resin ratio. Complex parts with good thickness control.
  • Use of Divincell Foam, Honeycombs.
  • Performance parts with tailored properties.